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Up to this date, the state of Washington has failed to address the inhumane homeless issues. In the past 10 years the homeless population has tripled and yet the government website show mediocre homeless increase on the homeless population.
Drug addicts have been given the green light to do illegal drugs on our streets without being punished.

The state of Washington has too many veterans who have to wait a year or more to get treatment for mental and health issue that they brought with them from the war zones.

Veterans have nothing else to look forward to because their sacrifice to keep America free is not being recognized after they left the war zone! Lawmakers must stand up for the veterans that comeback from the war with drug habits and no home to call their own. 

Foster parents do not have the proper psychological support that they need when they take in a child with mental disability. It is up to the government to make sure that such families are provided with the proper psychological support so they can continue with their humanitarian services to take care of those who need it the most!

By housing the homeless and providing free drug treatment to the drug addicts, we can reduce the cost of in and out patient to emergency rooms and the burden of placing them in jails for being homeless. The state will no longer have to spend $1,000,000,000.00 a year cleaning the streets after the homeless or cleaning the needles that the  drug addicts leave behind when they move from one place to another.

The same amount spent cleaning their mess can be used to help them become a productive member of society or allow them to live with dignity. This is the least humane thing we can for those who lost touch with society or were forced to live on the street because they could not afford to pay rent due to low wages and high cost of leaving imposed on them by those who have more.

Lawmakers must be reminded to address the affordable housing issue faster or it is going to cause too many families to suffer needlessly because they cannot afford to pay rent or buy a house with their current salary. Inflation is man-made to increase the profits of millionaires and weaken the ability of others to live a decent lifestyle before their mission here on earth is competed. 

Committee to Elect Dr. Cairo D'Almeida

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