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Free Health Care for All

No one anywhere on this planet should be paying for healthcare! The government must use taxpayers money to provide the best health care available for its people and not force them to die at a hospital door because they do not have health insurance!

The money spent on useless wars is more than enough to provide health care for the planet!

This planet belongs to the people!

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Shutdown or Not to Shutdown the Government

Lawmakers must get busy and enact laws that will forever stop anyone with ill endeavors to shutdown the government for personal gains!

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Clean Energy

Achieving total clean energy faster is possible! (Read More)

Minimum Wage and Unions

With the cost of living that are imposed upon the people the today $15.00 minimum wage is not enough for a family of three survive....

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Guiding the Lawmakers

Developing new programs that support and protect the people and not prevent them from evolving as they grow older should be a priority for all lawmaker on this planet!

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America is Great

America never stop being great and it will continue to be great for next 10 century and beyond!

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Every business should develop a profit sharing program that place the people first and not their greedy endeavors to get richer while the people grow old and poor! There is no need for anyone to suffer under the one percent rules because there is more than enough wealth on this planet for everyone.

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Welcome Diversity

Dr. D'Almeida wrote "The Effect of Culture Diversity in the Workplace" in 2007 and it is worth reading to see how a balanced workforce based on diversity can make a difference in the workplace.

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Obvious Rigged Society

The best way to have an honest government that works for everyone is to elect people who has suffered in their lifetime and do not posses wealth that can buy an election!

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Dividing Walls and Bridges

No government should be allowed to intimidate or bully other government because they can. Each and every government should be able to provide to its people without fear of being attacked or killed because they have different opinions on how to provide for its people!

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Electoral College No More

Abolish the electoral college now and forever!

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Social Security

Whoever came up with the idea that after an individual retires he or she can live on less than the minimum wage must be turning on their grave right now! Social security checks are not enough to support the average wage earner!

The system must be overhaul!

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Civil Rights and Liberty

Civil liberty for all is a right for everyone, not only here, but everywhere on this blue planet!

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The Right to Organize and Bargain Collectively

Organizations and government agencies have to move away from union bashing and hate. Unions have made this country great and will continue to so for thousands of years!

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An Economy that Works for Everyone

Prosperity is achieved when people are able to work together for the common good of the planet!

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Dr. Cairo D’Almeida Platform for 2020

The inhumane homeless and drug addicts issues on the streets of Washington and the lack of additional psychological support for vets and foster parents, coupled with lack of affordable housing is causing those that are having difficulties making ends meet and everyone else around to them to suffer needlessly. The time has come for someone to step up and handle the above issues accordingly. I am willing to be that person until we can get the people the attention they deserve!

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Digressive Administration Biases

Lawmaker must enact laws that will prevent any government official from pitching one group against another!

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Setting Precedence

Wars are worth something to the profiteers and not to the people of nations drawn in such inhumane endeavors!

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No More Tax Breaks to Millionaires

Giving tax breaks to millionaires is not the best way to take care of a crumbling infrastructure.

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Investing on the Local Infrastructures

The Washington state infrastructure needs a lot of work to bring it into the 21st century and align with other updated states and nations around the planet.

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Affordable Housing

Due to the inability of those who have more to share the wealth and push their greedy agenda on those who have less has caused many families to live on the streets.

Some of these families have been seen walking barefoot to parks nearby. This is inhumane to say the least. It is the right of every human being to have a roof over their heads! 

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Runaway Rent Cost

The high rent prices is exacerbating the homeless situation here in the state of Washington, California and New York. 

Other states in the nation have been able to successfully use the affordable housing program to shelter the homeless! Why the state Washington cannot do the same? Is it due to lawmakers here not being able to think out the box? Or, is it lack of candor and pure evil at work to profit from the misery of others?


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Property Taxes

How is it possible that when lawmakers overspend the taxpayers' money in worthless project, they come up with the idea that it is ok to shift the blame to the people and raise property taxes?

Every state should have an oversight committees that can prevent this type of abusive behavior from happening and hold the culprits accountable for their actions! Impeach them!

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Spiraling Middle Class to No Where

Few states have tried to criminalize the homeless for not being able to pay rent and have failed.

How in the world can these so called lawmakers come up with an idea that it is a crime to be homeless? These type of warmonger/profiteers should be impeached just for thinking that way.

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Greediness Hurt Everyone

When is the people going to understand that they are the assets of their nation?

No one should be forced to accept the status quo from any profiteer because 99 percent of them lacks candor and are in business to help themselves and not the nation.

Yes, there are few exceptions out there and they know who they are. The planet need more of them and less of those who think that there is money to be made out of other people's misery!

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Educating the Population

No one should be punished because they want to get better education and live a life they deserve to live as a human being.

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