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About Dr. D'Almeida

Currently President of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1121

Professional Experience

Dr. D'Almeida helped build the Washington D.C. Metro from 1976-1982. From the moment he started to help building the Washington D.C. Metro, he worked as one of Local 12 heavy construction labor union members and was able to ascend to supervisor.

Soon after he left the union, he registered his remodeling business and ran it from 1985-1996.

Raised his only child by himself from 1978-1996 while working full-time. He has two beautiful grandchildren.

Dr. D'Almeida went back to school from 1996-2007. While in school, he mentored other students until 2007 when he graduated with a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

From May 2010-April 2019, he worked as a TSA officer to help protect the flying public to ensure the freedom of movement for people and commerce. He became a union representative in 2012 to present.



Dr. D'Almeida obtained a Private Pilot Licenses in 1993. In 1996 he received his AAA Degree in computer Science from University of Technology in Arizona. In 1997 he received his certificates of AUTOCAD in Mechanical, Architecture, and Landscape Design from University of Technology in Arizona.

His school credit workload averaged 18-25 credits per trimester. His tenacity to finish school faster, allowed him to receive two Bachelor's degrees of Design from mid-1997-June 2000. One bachelor's degree was in Architecture/Civil Engineering and the other was in Virtual Reality. Both bachelor's degrees were from University of Technology in Arizona.

As soon as he graduated with two Bachelor's degrees from University of Technology, he went to Western International University in Arizona where he was able to get his Master's Degree of Information Technology in two years - June 2000-June 2002. His unpublished theses touched on the subject of "Why small businesses fail within the first two years and what to do to avoid it." 

In June of 2002 he was looking for a university that offered a PhD that would complement his previous degrees and he was able find it with Capella University in Minnesota. In July of 2002, he was accepted and stayed at Capella university for a little over five years and graduated with a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in September of 2007. His dissertation "The Effects of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace" was published and registered with the library of congress in Washington D.C. that same year. It was sited five times by other studies since its publication.

Community Service

Dr. D’Almeida started as a Union Representative of Local 1121 in 2012 and move on to become a Chief Union Representative. He volunteered over 1000 hours a year from 2013 to April 2019 before and after work to represent TSA officers that were members of Local 1121. He stood by TSA officers during the federal government shutdown for 35 days - from December 2018-February 2019.

He spent most of his time off contacting the media and representing officers before and after his shift to report how TSA officers were being affected mentally, morally, and financially. His bold move to contact the media to get assistance for TSA officers that were not getting paid during the federal government shutdown helped TSA officers to maintain a level head and do their job to help protect the flying public and ensure the freedom of movement for people and commerce. His actions and efforts paid off many times over.

Dr. D’Almeida called every food bank from Bonnie Lake to Pasco and asked them to support TSA officers and every one of them responded in a positive manner by welcoming every officer who needed help. His plea through the media to get TSA officers help during the 35-day federal government shutdown brought TSA officers over 2,500 gift cards from local residents, passengers, and other unions. Food was coming from all over the state from local residents and passengers passing through the airports. He also monitored the assignment of gift cards to officers and supervisors weekly.

In addition, Dr. D’Almeida’s actions during the shutdown to help officers in due time and by talking to officers on the floor, prevented most officers from calling off sick through the 35-day shutdown or quitting the agency. Calling off sick during the Federal Government shutdown was down to less than five percent. Such an achievement was unheard of during TSA normal operational procedures.

Dr. D’Almeida retired in April 2019 (21 months earlier) to developed his platform for Governor. He continues to represent TSA officers today as needed. He spends time talking to people out in the communities in order to see what matters most to them. He has discovered that most of people experiencing homelessness do not want to be placed in a shelter where a great number of them get sexually assaulted on a daily basis. People experiencing homelessness want a transitional place from the street to an apartment and not be forced against their will to do what the state wants them to do. 


Dr. D'Almeida discovered that many veterans need more psychological support then what they currently get from the VA Hospitals after they get back from the war zone.

Foster Parents

Foster parents also need more psychological support after their training is completed in order for them to be able to keep that mentally challenged child with them longer.


The homeless population does not get the medical, psychological, or housing support needed, unless, they collapse on the street due to poor health conditions and/or exposure to the environment. More needs to be done in that respect!

Individuals with Substance Abuse Issues

Individuals with substance abuse issues do not get medical or psychological support unless they overdose and collapse on the street. Although a great number of people experiencing homelessness have substance abuse issues, the government should be doing more to provide as much humanitarian services to this population as possible in order to prevent ODs among them.

High Rent Prices

High rent prices are the reason most people experiencing homelessness are on the street today. The best way to help people experiencing homelessness and drug addiction on the street is to address the lack of affordable housing and funds to prevent these needy individuals from going through such inhumane ordeals, that takes a big toll on their health and the community at large.

Affordable Housing

Providing affordable housing for those who cannot afford to pay high rent is cheaper than leaving them on the streets. The one million dollars spent cleaning the streets after them can be put to better use to house them.

Moving People Experiencing Homelessness to a Transitional Place

Most homeowners that Dr. D'Almeida talked to want to see the state take care of the homeless population and move them to a transitional place where they can stay off the streets and move on to a place where they can live with dignity.

Women's Bodies

Do Not ask me to tell a woman what to do with her body! 

Second Amendment 

Do Not ask me to violate the Second Amendment. People kill people. Strict background checks are the best way to keep guns away from sick people. Trigger guards on every gun sold is a better solution.

Property Taxes Should not be Raised if the Minimum Wage is not Raised

Lawmakers should stop raising property taxes to cover up for their overspending mistakes. Dr. D'Almeida agrees that if the minimum wage is not raised, property tax should remain the same, regardless if a bus route or light rail is about to be built near the area where they live.

Free Bus and Light Rail Pass to Students and Teachers

All students who go to college or university at least part-time should get free bus and light rail passes until they have completed their degree of choice. No student should be punished for trying to improve their educational status. Teachers should be able to qualify for free bus and light rail passes as well.

Support our Farmers 

Continue to provide the support to our farmer's needs. This way, they can survive in a competitive market. I will support buying local products first.

No Jail to People Experiencing Homelessness or Individuals with Substance Abuse Issues

Thus far, no one agrees that the state should jail people experiencing homelessness and individuals with substance abuse issues for living on the streets or for not being able to pay the rent. The state has a legal duty to stop any eviction by instructing officers to bring a state case worker to a house or apartment where the person or family is being evicted from. This way, the case worker can make decisions in real time and prevent another person or family from becoming homeless.

No For-Profit Jail and Detention Centers in Washington State

The use of for-profit jails and detentions centers must leave the state of Washington. The state of Washington should cancel the business license of detention centers for being overcrowded and for making detainees work for slave wages to get the jails and detention centers cleaned.

Immigration Laws must be Updated

Immigration laws must be updated to prevent immigrants from being treated as criminals and for being forced to work for a $1.00 a day to clean the for-profit detention center and jails so the profiteers can keep most of the money they collect from the government.

LGBTQ+, WOMXN and LatinX

LGBTQ+, WOMXN and LatinX groups and other minorities are still being discriminated in the 21st Century. That must stop!

State Parks

Dr. D’Almeida advocates for taking better care of all state parks by fixing what breaks right away and eliminating the red tape involved with getting the job done. More advanced technology should make it easier to track wildlife so humans do not trespass on their habitat. Many state parks are in need of up-keeping of bridges and safety on every trail. An up-to-date warning system should be in place in every state park to warn visitors of any possible dangers in the area. State park areas that are susceptible to tsunamis need better warning systems than the ones that are currently in place. Anyone going to a state park should be able to rent a space in real time through an implemented solar pay system at every paying station. Therefore, better and more up-to-date systems need to be implemented to free up rangers' time to care and patrol the parks.


Dr. D’Almeida is honored to represent those who believe in fair and affordable housing for all and provide more psychological support for foster parents and veterans without delays. Put an end to the inhumane homeless situation and treat people with drug addictions so they can become productive members of society. Provide free bus passes to students and teachers. Expand the light rail to every city with a population of 10,000 people or more. 



Dr. D’Almeida spent most of his life helping others and he is not going to stop now! Helping people experiencing homelessness and substance abuse off the street; providing more psychological support to foster parents and more psychological support for the veterans after they get back from the war zone; and, addressing the shortage of affordable housing are some of the utmost important issue to address during his time as Governor for the state of Washington. 

Rosa Parks once said, “I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom and equality and justice and prosperity for all people.”

It is not what we have, but what we do to help others during a time of struggle that define who we are. 

Where we go from here is up to you.

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